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Fuel Mileage & Costs Calculator

This calculator will compute your Miles Per Gallon and forecast your gasoline expense for one month and for one year. It can also compare fuel expenses monthly and yearly for your vehicle using petroleum lubricants compared to using AMSOIL Synthetics.

Select which Mileage Calculator is right for you from the menu below:

Why 2 different Fuel Mileage Calculators? If you are already an AMSOIL Customer you don't need to see the "what if you were using AMSOIL" section because you are currently using AMSOIL.

If you are using petroleum lubricants then then Fuel Mileage Calculator for Petroleum users can give you the estimated 5% improved mileage readings to show how much fuel savings on a particular vehicle can add up in a month or year. Also great for figuring fuel wasted by running on low tires, with a dirty air filter, etc.

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A lot of AMSOIL users have called or e-mailed me to complain about the 5% better mileage figure using AMSOIL stating that they personally got better than 5% better mileage. The reason for the 5% figure is that not everyone will get the highest MPG increase after switching to AMSOIL depending on the vehicle and manner of driving. Therefore I used the lower figure as a guide and realize that everyone's results will vary.
AN September 30, 2018 19:35 PM

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