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The Original Synthetic Motor Oil

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Art Nesmith

AMSOIL Direct Jobber Texas

Updated: May 26, 2016

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Picture of me standing next to my AMSOIL Step Van made by Gruman Olsen

Note: I don't take names or use e-mail marketing due to the fact that all pertinent information and updates will be posted to this website. I feel e-mail marketing can be problematic especially if an e-mail gets into the hands of spammers. The only place I ask for an e-mail on this site is for registering to receive free information by mail such as the Free Product Catalog. I use the e-mail to contact and find out if the proper information requested was actually received or if there were any questions. Only one form e-mail is sent out and the e-mail is not kept in any directory for future use. You can contact me by using the information on this page or in Menu at the top of this page and I will respond.

Art Nesmith

I am T-1 Certified by AMSOIL and also have had extra training in Lubrication related courses that make me knowledgeable in helping my customers select the proper products for their application. Whether you drive a Diesel or Gasoline powered vehicle or a Natural Gas powered vehicle or are in need of an Industrial or Commercial application I can help. AMSOIL Dealer since 1983.

I am a big believer in filtration. I have the AMSOIL By-Pass oil filtration system on every car I own except the '67 VW Beetle. It has been real hard for me not to put the By-Pass filter on this car since I have installed the By-Pass filter on my '69 VW Beetle and the Dual Remote By Pass Filtration system on my '69 VW Westfallia. But this little Beetle is all original and it did not come with any sort of filtration (what a mistake) so I must refrain from putting filters on it. I am using the Series 2000 0W-30 Synthetic Motor oil in it now and must change it at regular intervals.

I ran a '79 Mitsubishi pickup that I bought new 330,000 miles and installed the By-Pass filter on it at around 70,000 miles. This vehicle had around 50,000 miles on it before I discovered AMSOIL. I religiously changed my motor oil every 2,000 miles using petroleum motor oil, so it was real hard for me to accept the extended oil drain at first. After the first Amsoil oil change at 70,000 miles I installed the By-Pass filter which was a messy canister type in those days. It was a great truck and every used lube sample from this vehicle that I sent to be analyzed always came back in superior condition. With the exception of my vintage VWs, every car I own has more than 100,000 miles on the odometer. I don't change oil. I really don't, honest. From my '93 Dodge Grand Caravan V-6 to my '80 Gruman Olsen step van I just change By-Pass filter elements and just have the oil analyzed. If it comes back like new oil, I go on. I have never had a single lube sample fail the analysis.

If you think about it, this is really the best way. Whey you change your used motor oil it is clearly dirtier than when you installed it. Motor oil does not get "too dirty" 5 minutes before you change it. It has been in a declining state from the first time you start the motor after installing the fresh oil. My way the oil never gets dirty. According to an article in Motor Trend magazine "The Petroleum Crystal Ball" dealing with lube analysis, any dirt particle of one micron or smaller cannot harm an engine. The AMSOIL By-Pass filtration system can remove particles down to an amazing .1 micron! That is ten times smaller than what is necessary! This is why I never need to overhaul a motor (except on a car I have bought to restore like the VWs or the AMC Gremlin) and since 1983 I have had very little used motor oil to dispose of.

Recently in a casual conversation a fellow car club member commented on how more than half of all motor oil sold is not properly reclaimed. He further stated that we are polluting our rivers and streams with used motor oil. I immediately stated in defense, "Not me or my Amsoil customers!"

Check out what I did with AMSOIL 100 to 1 Pre-mix Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil in the Philippines!

AMSOIL Premier Direct Jobber
Arthur Nesmith

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Click picture for more detailed information on the restoration of these cars.
AMC Gremlin Click Here for larger image

I drive this car to the East Texas Vee Dub Club monthly meeting.
I plan to have it at the Blooming Good VW Show in Nacogdoches.

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Three of my car projects, a '77 AMC Gremlin, a '67 VW Beetle and a '69 VW Beetle.

Click Here to go to my Projects Page and see more pictures of these cars and their restorations.

My Car Projects:

My upcoming car projects include a '69 Volkswagen Westfallia and a '77 AMC Gremlin. The '67 Beetle project has been more time consuming than I expected so these projects have not received much time. But I will begin documenting these projects soon.

The '69 "Westy" has a new motor and is mechanically sound in every way. It does need some serious body repair and the canvas screen in the pop-up top is missing.

The '77 "Gremlin" is suffering from a typical Gremlin problem. Leaky gas tank. Owners of Gremlins were notorious for driving these cars with 21 and 22 gallon fuel tanks and only adding one or two dollars of gas in them at a time. This created a terrible rust problem in these car's gas tanks that was legendary. The fuel tank has now been repaired and coated with a Renu® lifetime warranty baked-on coating. Once I procure the fuel tank sending unit and float assembly and install the tank with new fuel lines all the way to the motor this car should be streetable again. Judging by the reaction of young people in this area it should get a lot of attention. Even though people see a VW Beetle and even a Westy from time to time, most young people in this area have never seen a Gremlin.

My Car Projects have a unique history:

My first car in high school was a '62 VW Bus (Transporter) and I sure had a great time in it. We would fill it with people and take off everywhere in it. It was very unreliable and the local dealership was so dishonest that repair expenses on this vehicle made the gas savings moot, considering the 30 cents a gallon gas price at the time, compared to the cost of running this vehicle. A friend of mine told me once that it was a good thing it held so many people because it made it easier to push with the extra hands when it broke down. Unfortunately, I was very young and had not learned how to fix everything myself and I soon tired of the mechanical problems that re-occurred constantly. I once took this vehicle to the dealership to have the valves adjusted, because I didn't have faith in my own adjustment I had done using the repair manual instructions. When I checked the valve adjustment done by the dealership the next morning with the engine cold there was no way to put any thickness of feeler gauge into any of the valves at any point of rotation on the crankshaft. What they did is remove any slack and then some from the valve train creating a valve-burning situation. My father gave me this vehicle because it burned the valves every several months or so. The local dealership adjusted the valves and then profited from the valve and cylinder head repair. I re-adjusted the valves and did it myself from then on, and despite all of the mechanical problems I had with this vehicle, the valves never burned again or caused me any further problems. As you can imagine this infuriated my father who spent a small fortune on that vehicle from his meager teacher's salary. He came to realize that they were sabotaging the VW just to get him for repairs in the future.

My next car was an AMC Gremlin. I was not very nice to this car, yet it was amazingly durable. I did everything to get this car to bounce the front wheels off of the ground and it took it reasonable well. Sure it broke things, but once the proper replacements were used, differential, transmission, etc., it held up well. This car was incredibly powerful and took the abuse in stride. Not only that, it got better gas mileage than my old VW Transporter.

I went on to own other AMCs after the Gremlin like a '70 Mark Donahue Javelin and a '73 Pierre Cardin AMX. Both of the Javelins had engine modifications and would outrun my old Gremlin, but the Gremlin was still the car I missed the most. I had the best horsepower/fuel mileage combination of any car I ever owned. For this reason I really want to get my Gremlin out on the street, even if only part of the time.